Bruce Allen took a shot at how Mike Shanahan managed RG3

robert griffin III 6Redskins general manager Bruce Allen took a shot at former head coach Mike Shanahan with the way he rushed Robert Griffin III back from his ACL rehab to make sure he started in their season opener last year.

Allen told WXGI in Richmond on Monday that it was “almost a little disrespectful to the game of football” for RG3 to start week one after not playing in the preseason.

“It’s impossible to ask a player to perform well during the regular season if you haven’t practiced,” Allen explained. “Last year at this time, he’s still rehabbing his knee, he’s not allowed to practice, he’s not allowed to work in team drills at all because he’s still rehabilitating himself. We put him, really, on the spot by trying to do that.” found this tweet that makes it seem like Allen was on board with Shanahan.

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