Browns reportedly love Geno Smith

According to Matt Miller of Bleacher Report, the Cleveland Browns love former West Virginia quarterback Geno Smith in this year’s draft.  They didn’t expect him to be available when they go on the board with the sixth pick, but now that the Chiefs traded for Alex Smith, they might be able to snatch him up.

I don’t think the new Browns regime believes they have their quarterback of the future on their current roster.  If they love Smith enough, I wouldn’t be surprised if they take him in the first round.




  1. Anonymous says

    Know wonder the browns suck and will continue to suck, pass on a proven qb and waste another 1st rounder on a guess.

  2. Anonymous says

    misdirection play, hopefully. Although so far this “all star” front office is looking shaking

  3. Anonymous says

    I agree, its a smokescreen the Browns are hoping someone who is also looking for a QB gets nervous the Browns will take him at 6 and jumps ahead and wastes their pick

  4. B-Rad1072 says

    I would remain Anonymous as well if I were you…. You are an idiot. Learn to write a legible sentence. As for the Browns…time will only tell….

  5. dontdawgit says

    Probably a smokescreen, to get another team to trade with the Browns, so the Browns could trade down get a later 1st round pick and add a second round pick.

  6. says

    First, its hilarious that youre taking the bleacher report seriously.
    Second, you mentioned Alex Smith the QB and there’s a picture of Alex Smith the TE.
    Third, if you did any research at all, you’d know that Joe Banner said they’re not taking a QB early.

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