Browns reportedly “very high” on Johnny Manziel

johnny manzielAccording to Jason La Cantors of CBS Sports,  the Cleveland Browns are “very high” on Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel and would love to team him up with Auburn head coach Gus Malzahn if they’re able to make him their next head coach.

The Browns feel like Manziel would be great fit for Malzahn’s offense.  the only problem is he likely won’t be leaving Auburn.

With the fourth overall pick in May’s draft,  the Browns should have a very good chance at landing a dynamic player like Manziel.




  1. Scott says

    Yeah its drafting these types of players that keeps the Browns down,Manziel was a decent college player but as most people are aware of the Bigs are far different and he will spend the vast majority of his career on the IR or PUP and just being a cap hit!Reference Percy Harvin last night,He’s a dynamic player and even bigger and faster than Manziel and he lasted 2 plays,Its too phyical for slightly built guys regardless of their inner strength or whatever they call it,Its physics here in te real world!It looks more like the Browns are trying to sell tickets than win games!

  2. Colby says

    A decent college player? GTFO of here Manziel had the 2 best seasons in SEC history and is one of the 5 best players in CFB history. Didn’t read the rest of your comment after the first sentence go watch football girl

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