Browns owner expected to offer Peyton Manning CEO position

131213173115-peyton-manning-story-bodyNow that CEO Joe Banner is on his way out in Cleveland,  Mary Kay Cabot of the Plain-Dealer expects Browns owner to some day offer Peyton Manning the CEO position.

Haslam currently has no CEO in the front office. My guess is that he’ll offer that job to Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning someday. He loves Manning, they’re great friends, and he’s watched what John Elway has done in running the Broncos. Manning will play at least one more season to break Brett Favre’s record for TD passes, but might be lured into a CEO role after that. The day Haslam agreed to purchase the Browns, I asked him if he’d bring Manning aboard, and he praised Manning, saying among other things, “he’s very smart.”

Even if Haslam offers Manning such a role, it doesn’t mean he’ll accept it.