Browns let 5 year-old cancer survivor score a touchdown (Video)

browns fan   A five year-old Cleveland Browns fan who is a lung cancer survivor scored a touchdown during Saturday night’s family night scrimmage.

With a handoff from Browns quarterback Brandon Weeden and a few nudges from running back Trent Richardson, 5-year-old cancer survivor Ryan Encinas covered the 40 yards as fast as he could. The Browns have had longer touchdown runs in their history, never one so sweet. Encinas, who recently celebrated two years in remission after being diagnosed with lung cancer, concluded Cleveland’s “Family Night” practice at FirstEnergy Stadium on Saturday by running for a TD while being escorted by all the Browns. Once he reached the end zone, Encinas was lifted in the air by linebacker Craig Robertson and all the Browns huddled as the youngster soared above them and the crowd cheered.