Browns head coach Rob Chudzinski may not give Brandon Weeden his starting job back

Brandon Weeden, the 29 year-old sophomore quarterback, will not start this Sunday against he Vikings due to a thumb injury.

Furthermore, it looks like Weeden will not be guaranteed to be the starter once he is fully healthy.

Browns head coach Rob Chudzinski had this to say:

“I don’t really see it as that. We’ll see how things are going, how Brandon is doing from a health standpoint, evaluate it on a weekly basis and put the guy out who is going to give us the best chance to win, whoever that is.”

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    That isn’t that bad of a deal for Weeden. He could play back up for the remainder of his contract get the hell out of there with his 8 million dollars with his health in tact, and get off this sinking ship.
    Trent Richardson is probably thinking Christmas came yesterday. He was probably wondering how he could leave respectfully and this trade drops in his lap. Went from a pretender to contender over night.