Browns GM: Johnny Manziel is an “exciting, electric” player

johnny manziel 2

Browns general manager Ray Farmer had some interesting things to say about Johnny Manziel during Monday’s press conference.  He actually ended up praising him by saying  Manziel is an “exciting, electric” player.  He also said, “he’s different.”

“He’s not the quintessential guy who everybody points to and says, ‘This is how you would draw it up; this is the packaging you want,'” said Farmer, via “That speaks to a lot of what Johnny has been his entire life, (which) is different. It’s not how you think about playing the position and being effective from the pocket.”

There’s no doubt in my mind that the Browns will take a quarterback in the first round of next week’s draft.  The only question is,  who will they get and where in the first round where they get him?