Browns considering a uniform change

Cleveland Browns owner Jimmy Haslam says they have notified the NFL of a possible uniform change since it’s a two-year process.

Unlike a lot of people,  I really like the Browns’ uniforms.  I like the old school look.


  • Anonymous

    i like the unifroms and i bleed brown and orange..although i wouldnt mind a change. but PLEASE keeps the helmets the same.

  • Wes

    Why doesn’t Jimmy consider the fans. Conduct a poll in the Plain Dealer and see what the fans want. Logo on helmet, change in uniforms etc.We are the reason that the team is still here.

  • Randy

    WHO CARES WHAT THE UNIFORM LOOKS LIKE? We’re the laughing stock of the NFL. Nobody takes the Brown’s seriously. And people are worried about “tradition”? What tradition? A tradition of losing? I’m tired of the crap we’ve seen on the field as a team…make changes! Anything is better than what we’ve had!

  • DreMan

    Keep the helmets Orange with maybe a 3 inch Brown Bar splitting the middle with there number on the lower back of the helmet brown bar in white. That would be sick, I would love to see more orange in the uniforms as well so that our QB can see them better Lol

  • Anonymous

    They need every change they can make! maybe something will work for them. I like the concept helmet.

  • Brett

    Don’t change the helmet do what you want to the rest but not the hemet

  • william j klepatsky

    Change it all. The way we dress influences how we perform. Im native to cleveland born here 1943.
    Lived in SF Bay area from 1963-2007. The multi-superbowl 49ers owner was an Ohioan. Imagine if he had been allowed to buy the Browns.
    Dump the whole thing. The present uniforms have a frumpy, dull, depressing character.