Browns considering a uniform change

Cleveland Browns owner Jimmy Haslam says they have notified the NFL of a possible uniform change since it’s a two-year process.

Unlike a lot of people,  I really like the Browns’ uniforms.  I like the old school look.



  1. Anonymous says

    i like the unifroms and i bleed brown and orange..although i wouldnt mind a change. but PLEASE keeps the helmets the same.

  2. Wes says

    Why doesn’t Jimmy consider the fans. Conduct a poll in the Plain Dealer and see what the fans want. Logo on helmet, change in uniforms etc.We are the reason that the team is still here.

  3. Randy says

    WHO CARES WHAT THE UNIFORM LOOKS LIKE? We’re the laughing stock of the NFL. Nobody takes the Brown’s seriously. And people are worried about “tradition”? What tradition? A tradition of losing? I’m tired of the crap we’ve seen on the field as a team…make changes! Anything is better than what we’ve had!

  4. DreMan says

    Keep the helmets Orange with maybe a 3 inch Brown Bar splitting the middle with there number on the lower back of the helmet brown bar in white. That would be sick, I would love to see more orange in the uniforms as well so that our QB can see them better Lol

  5. Anonymous says

    They need every change they can make! maybe something will work for them. I like the concept helmet.

  6. william j klepatsky says

    Change it all. The way we dress influences how we perform. Im native to cleveland born here 1943.
    Lived in SF Bay area from 1963-2007. The multi-superbowl 49ers owner was an Ohioan. Imagine if he had been allowed to buy the Browns.
    Dump the whole thing. The present uniforms have a frumpy, dull, depressing character.

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