Broncos pro personnel director Tom Heckert busted for DUI

Broncos Heckert Arrest Football

We just found out that Broncos front office executive  Matt Russell of the Broncos was charged with DUI.

Now Broncos pro personnel director Tom Heckert has been busted for DUI on June 11th, according to

Either the Broncos have bad luck, they hired the wrong guys, or they overlooked some serious off the field issues with both Russell and Heckert.

I can’t wait to see how the Broncos and the NFL handle this situation.


  • Milliken Steeler

    Lets here it……

    I take full responsibility for my actions and Im ashamed and this is unacceptable and will never happen again…….he really means…please don’t take my six figure job regardless of my lack of good judgment and responsibility

    The Broncos response.

    We are deeply concerned about the lack of judgement used and its unacceptable. We will handle this matter internally. bla bla bla

    Its the typical double standard used by “privileged” people.

    I said this before. What would happen if you had a dui and your employer found out about it and better yet..their insurance company who basically can determine your employment now? smh

  • Paco Martinez

    Tom Heckert my friend: You have a problem: DRINKING is a serious disease–get treatment before you kill somebody or yourself.

    Now, for the NFL cover up:
    Did you ask all the deputies if they were “JEWS”?
    Did you insult any female deputies by calling them “sugar – ticks tits.”??
    Finally, did the cops take your 1/2 drunk bottle of Whiskey ? That is petty theft, a misdemeanor. Could be improper behavior on the cops.

    Get well.

    I can’t wait for the next drunk Bronco executive to get pulled over.
    Is THAT what John Denver meant when he wrote “ROCKY MOUNTAIN HIGH.” ??? LOL