Broncos likely would have drafted Brandon Weeden if they didn’t sign Peyton Manning

According to the Denver Post, the Broncos likely would have drafted quarterback Brandon Weeden in last year’s draft if they didn’t end up signing Peyton Manning as a free agent.

Browns rookie quarterback Brandon Weeden will always reside in a little slice of team history.

That’s because the Broncos’ decision makers, including executive vice president of football operations John Elway and head coach John Fox, were in Stillwater, Okla., to visit with Weeden last March when they sent the plane from there to pick up another quarterback they hoped to sign.

A guy named Peyton Manning.

And Manning was on the plane when it returned to Stillwater to scoop up Elway and crew. The group returned to Denver, and the rest is helicopters-following-SUVs history.

But if Manning had not signed on the dotted line for the Broncos and changed the course of the franchise, Weeden likely would have been the Broncos’ pick as a developmental quarterback.

If the Broncos didn’t land Manning and drafted Weeden, they certainly wouldn’t be in a position to make a Super Bowl run right now.


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