Broncos’ Kevin Vickerson on the Seahawks: “F*** Seattle”

Broncos defensive lineman Kevin Vickerson has made it clear that he doesn’t like the Seattle Seahawks.

“F*** Seattle,” Vickerson said told the Colorado Springs Gazette. “Write it down. Take a picture.”

Vickerson was actually released by the Seahawks in 2010 and is obviously even more bitter after last year’s Super Bowl loss.  He also didn’t care for all of their trash talking.

“Some guys, that’s what they do to get ramped up. But when you step in between the lines, pads talk. Let your pads talk,” Vickerson said. “That’s my mindset, that’s my demeanor when I go out on the field. Some guys are media guys. Some guys are cut different.”

  • Wooderson

    Excuse me,Mr. Vickerson, but I do believe the Seahawks whupped the S outta you and your team by 35 points in SB 48. Some guys DO step between the lines and let the pads do the talking. And it wasn’t you

  • Zack Phillips

    Vickerson… you poor baby. Just because you weren’t good enough to be a Seahawk isn’t a good reason to open your mouth and then shove your foot in it. I mean really man… you have nothing of substantial evidence, firepower, proof, etc… to back up an “F*** the Seahawks”… that was brought to light with the asskicking your team received that night. My advice to you would to do the following… Close your mouth and work your butt off in practice to get better. You won’t beat Seattle with stupid statements like the one you just made.