Broncos’ D.J. Williams submitted non-human urine to the NFL

Getty Images

According to John Ingold of the Denver Post, Broncos linebacker D.J. Williams failed a second drug test a month after already bombing a test that led to him being suspended for the first six games of this season, for taking performance enhancing drugs.

While Williams was taking a third test a bottle fell from his waist area while giving a urine sample, according to court documents, per the Post.

When Williams submitted a urine sample to the NFL-approved drug tester back in August of last year, the tester concluded that he gave them a non-human urine specimen.  All indications were that the sample was missing the natural human steroid that is typically present in people.

There are companies out there that sell clean urine for people to use for drug tests.  No one knows if Williams has ever used one of those companies.

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