Broncos claim concussion symptoms didn’t show up for Welker until later

Many people including myself are wondering how Wes Welker suffered a concussion this past Sunday and was allowed back into the game.

According to the Denver Post, ¬†Welker was initially evaluated for a neck injury by the Broncos medical staff while he was down on the field and that there supposedly weren’t any concussion symptoms at the time.

To review, Welker, the Broncos’ star slot receiver, made a nice catch-and-run for 20 yards with 11:22 left in the fourth quarter when he took a high-low blast from two Kansas City defenders. Welker’s head was snapped back, and it was his neck that the Broncos’ medical team evaluated. Aware there was a collision, Broncos doctors communicated with Welker, and at that time no concussion symptoms were apparent.

On the sideline, the Broncos cleared him to go back in. He made a 9-yard catch to finish the Broncos’ drive that ended with a Matt Prater field goal.

It was after that series that the Broncos’ medical team became aware Welker was experiencing possible concussion symptoms.

Welker is hopefull that he’ll play this Sunday against the Patriots, but nothing is certain at this point.

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