Broncos had Brock Osweiler warming up on Monday night

Towards the end of Monday night’s loss to the Atlanta Falcons, the Denver Broncos told rookie quarterback Brock Osweiler to warm up. You might be wondering, why would the Broncos even think about benching Peyton Manning?  Don’t worry they weren’t going to bench him.

“I was going in for the Hail Mary,” Osweiler said. “I’m not sure what the dividing line was as far as me going in, but I was getting ready to go in.”

Manning’s s arm strength was a big problem on Monday night.  Many of his passes were sailing on him. He  clearly didn’t enough zip on them.  So if the Broncos were going to have any shot at scoring on a Hail Mary, it was going to come down to Osweiler getting the job done.



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