Brian Waters wants to play, but in the “right situation”

Last week we reported that contract talks between guard Brian Waters and the Dallas Cowboys are dead. Some were speculating that Waters would retire but it looks like that isn’t the case.

According to Pro Football Talk, Waters would “absolutely” play in the right situation.

It hasn’t worked out with Dallas for a variety of reasons up to this point,” the source said, “but it isn’t because he does not want to play.  He absolutely would play there or somewhere else if it is the right situation in all the ways it needs to be

Sure sounds like the “source” is Waters’ agent. And I’m sure the “right situation” means the right amount of money.

Regardless, Waters shouldn’t hold his breath. If this year’s free agency peroid taught us anything, it’s that veterans aren’t getting what they think they deserve. If Waters really does want to play, he’s going to have to lower his expectations.

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