Brian Urlacher believes he can play for another 2-3 years

Getty Images

Chicago Bears linebacker Brian Urlacher told ESPN Chicago that he expects to play at least another  2-3 years in the NFL.

Urlacher will be a free agent after after this season and was asked if he’d play for one of the Bears’ biggest rivals, the Packers.  He flat-out said no.

Urlacher was then asked if he’d play in Green Bay if they offered him two-years $20 million.

“That’s a good deal,” Urlacher said laughing.

“My back feels great, my neck feels good, my muscles aren’t pulling anymore so that’s good,” Urlacher said. “Everything feels pretty good right now. I always say (I want to keep playing) two to three more years. It all depends on how I play on the field, because if I don’t play good enough nobody is going to want me.”