Brian Orakpo wants to finish his career with the Redskins

brian orakpo

Redskins linebacker Brian Orakpo told reporters that he would love to sign an extension with Washington after this season and finish his career in the nation’s capital, since he’ll be a free agent once the season is over.

“Right now this is home,” said Orakpo via the Washington Post. “So I would love to continue to finish my career as a Redskin. Obviously we’re 3-9 so it’s a disappointing season. But that doesn’t take away from what I know we’re capable of. If we get our core guys back, add a few people here and there with all the money that we’re receiving back from all the salary-cap issues that we had, I think we’ll be up for running at another title shot again the following year. But like I said, we’ve got to finish this last quarter and then everything else will take care of itself with the contracts and with who’s here, who’s not, stuff like that.”

The biggest question this season was whether Orakpo could stay healthy and so far he’s proven he can.  Now the Skins may need to figure out how they’re going to keep him around.


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