Brian Hoyer still looks at himself as the Browns starter

Browns quarterback Brian Hoyer made it clear at a local Play 60 event that he still looks at himself as the starter in Cleveland.

“My goal is to be the starting quarterback again,” Hoyer said Thursday during a PLAY 60 football festival at the team’s field house, where about 700 Special Olympics athletes and coaches from Cleveland schools took part in activities. “That’s what every day I come in here and work towards, and it’s definitely a motivation for me.”

Hoyer says his recovery from ACL surgery is going well.

“I’m definitely on schedule, if not ahead,” Hoyer said. “At this point now, we’re kind of out of the rehab phase and more into the strengthening. So much of the little rehab stuff, I’m kind of over now. It’s lifting, running, dropping back, throwing. It’s more of the strengthening and getting acclimated and doing more football things — cutting, those types of things.

“Every day I come in here and do something more. To me, it seems more and more conceivable that April is a [realistic] target date now. How much I can do I don’t know, but the stuff I’m doing in here now I don’t think is much different than [what] we’d be doing in April anyway.”