Brian Hartline sees flashes with Ryan Tannehill

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Miami Dolphins wide receiver Brian Hartline did an interview with Omar Kelly of the South Florida Sun-Sentinel on WQAM-AM this past weekend.  He told Kelly that he saw some flashes while observing rookie quarterback Ryan Tannehill during OTA’s and minicamp.

“He definitely has a presence,” Hartline said, per “Which is great. He’s a guy that he knows what he wants, he knows the offense. I think that definitely helps him a lot … For me, I feel like the first couple of weeks, you hope to see flashes. Because you’ve got to have something there, and there’s no doubt in my mind that I saw flashes. The ball coming out of his hand is good, is great. His timing is really good. On a couple of routes, you can tell he’s really comfortable. He can plant that foot and release without any gather step, so there’s definitely some flashes.

“Tannehill did a great job of blending in and not necessarily, you know, being a first-round pick quote-unquote, and being a diva kind of guy, so he’s definitely a good kid. He works hard, he has a good ball, he has good placement on the ball, and he’s got a good grasp of the game of football and that’s definitely the things you want to see through the first part of camp and everything, and he has done that. So that’s definitely encouraging.”

The goal for Tannehill will be to make those flashes consistent enough that he can be the franchise quarterback the Dolphins drafted him to be.

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