Brian Cushing: Texans fans are “barbaric” for cheering Matt Schaub’s injury

Texans fans cheered when quarterback Matt Schaub went down for the injury today.

Houston linebacker Brian Cushing had one word to explain their actions.  He said it was “barbaric.”

It’s truly sad that fans would cheer when a player suffers an injury.  What’s really bad is that Schaub’s own fans were happy that he injured himself.





  1. Anonymous says

    the jatgs need a christain (tebow) to lead instead of a devote muslin (OWNER) to lead the team

  2. Anonymous says

    I agree with your Barbaric comment – what a bunch of pathetic losers – anyone who cheers on an injury deserves to be ejected from the stadium. As far as “Houston” goes, I worked there for a year I 2012 – I have never ever worked aside a whinier, more hateful group of classless sports fans.

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