Brett Favre endorsing concussion drug, reiterates he’d be leery of letting his son player football if he had one

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Former NFL quarterback Brett Favre is currently endorsing a brand new concussion drug that’s ready to make its way the the United States. He also reiterated he would be leery of letting his son play football if he had one.

A concussion treatment drug patented back in 2011 is pending approval by the Food and Drug Administration, and it’s being endorsed by NFL great and Pine Belt native Brett Favre.

The drug is set to be in human clinical trials next year.

“It’s a violent sport for two reasons,” said Favre. “The pressures to, ya know, live up to what your dad had done, but most importantly the damage that is done by playing. I don’t know if I would let him play.”

Favre is endorsing a nasal spray called Prevacus.

“After you have ea concussion, you have temporary energy crisis in the brain,” said Jacob Vanlandhigham, the inventor of Prevacus. “But by using our drug as soon as possible, and for many day afterward to manage the condition, you can reduce the secondary damage that occurs after the concussion.”

Favre claims he would use the spray if he played now and got a concussion.

“As far as stopping the advancement of a concussion, I think is unbelievable, said Favre.”

I would love to know what the side affects are.