Breaking Bad star says Redskins need to change their name

jonathan banksBreaking Bad star Jonathan Banks who plays the role of “Mike” on the hit television series is a Washington D.C. native and Redskins fan.

Banks is a Skins fan that believes his team needs to change their offensive name.

“We gotta change the name, dude. Even if there are two American Indians out there that don’t want to be called Redskins. Just change the name.

“If somebody’s offended by it, then change it,” said Banks via The Washington Post. “It’s not that big a deal.”


  • Daniel Stillmunks

    So some “TV star” sez, “It’s not that big of a deal—just change the name.”
    #1 it IS a big deal: MILLIONS of Americans love the Redskins. And if a couple of Politically Correct folks come along and hike their little skirts and say “I don’t like that name.”
    Well, you know what, honey, you’re about 5 decades LATE.; WHO are YOU to say “Aw, just change the name.”
    THE NAME STAYS the same, period.

    One last proposition for Mr. TV star, Jonathan Banks: HOW about YOU pay to have all the names changed on the stadium inside & out; all the jerseys, helmets, score cards, record books, programs, tickets, ALL the props & fan paraphernalia. Of course there’s thousands if not millions of “OFFENSIVE” stuff out there.
    You wanna pay for all this damage done cuz a couple P.C. ‘alleged’ Indians don’t like it. Tough. Find another team find another hobby.
    GET LOST, the name stays the same.

  • Rex T

    This guy sounds like a PUZZIE to me……