Braylon Edwards impressing the Seahawks while Terrell Owens complains


According to Eric Williams of the News Tribune, wide receiver Braylon Edwards continues to impress the Seahawks every day, while Terrell Owens is still the same old TO, always complaining about things not going his way.

“Every day during practice Edwards makes at least one eye-opening play. Right now, Edwards is the most consistent of the big receivers who can make explosive plays down the field. I find it hard to believe he will not be on Seattle’s roster when the season begins

“He has a lot to overcome. And the fact that he finished without a catch and a bad drop against Denver is just scratching the surface. He still appears to be the same T.O. who complains when things are not going his way. And Pete Carroll will not put up with that from a fifth or six receiver – see T.J. Houshmandazadeh,” wrote Williams


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