Brandon Spikes’ time in New England is likely over

brandon spikesWith the news that the Patriots have placed linebacker Brandon Spikes on injured reserve,  it leaves me to believe that his time in New England is likely over.

While Spikes is a good player,  he’s not a Bill Belchick player and what I mean by that is that he’s not willing to do whatever it takes to help his team.

Spikes decided to skip out on voluntary OTA’s last offseason and it rubbed Belichick the wrong way.  “Belichick’s guys” don’t skip workouts to do their own thing.  They do whatever if best for their team.

Spikes is certainly a good player that should have a long career, but it probably won’t continue in New England.


  • BostonBigBoy

    As a Patriots fan and responsible father I say good riddance. I am sure that everyone in the Patriots front office, as well as the coach, were disgusted and disappointed as I was when this dirt bag released his “sex tape”. Wow! My hero! Scumbag.