Brandon Spikes likely done in New England after this season

Tom Curran of believes that it’s pretty obvious that linebacker Brandon Spikes will be playing his final season with the Patriots in 2013.

The writing on the wall is becoming more legible when it comes to Brandon Spikes. Despite the fact he is the best purveyor of on-field nasty the Patriots have, Spikes’ distaste for the Patriots expectations of how to get ready for a season will probably mean a parting of the ways after 2013 when Spikes becomes a free agent.
Spikes wasn’t present for the start of OTAs this week and hasn’t been a part of the offseason conditioning program. That’s his right. But with the rest of the team’s principal players in attendance, Spikes’ absence is a “screw you” to the program. And once it gets there, one would imagine it’s hard to turn that battleship around.
You can’t put a price on chemistry and I’m getting the feeling the Patriots are concerned this offseason about making sure the right chemistry is in place with the number of young players they have in key roles and the new offseason additions to the team. The releases of Brandon Lloyd, Deaderick and Love all had a chemistry component to them whether it be prickly personality (Lloyd) or preparedness to play (Love and Deaderick).

I totally agree with Curran.  Spikes is not a “Belichick guy” and what I mean by that is, he’s too selfish and self-centered to play for the Patriots after this season.  His contract runs out at the end of this year and he’ll be a free agent in 2014.

We see it all the time.  The Patriots don’t have a problem with moving on from a player whether his name is Randy Moss, Deion Branch, or Wes Welker.


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