Brandon Jacobs still tired of hearing about the Jets

AP Photo

San Francisco 49ers running back Brandon Jacobs is still sick and tired of the Jets even though he’s no longer a member of the New York Giants.  He told Clark Judge of that he’s tired of hearing about everything going on with them.

“I shouldn’t be speaking of their team, but I’m just so tired of reading and hearing of everything over there … and it’s mid-August,” Jacobs said.”It’s like: Are you kidding me? Camp’s not even over.”

Jacobs says the Jets can never be bigger and better than the Giants.

“They were in the AFC Championship Game twice in a row, but the year after that the Giants win the Super Bowl. That discredits everything as far as the Battle of the City. They can’t ever one-up the Giants — not in my eyesight; not in anyone else’s eyesight. They can never do that. They keep trying, but they’re doing it the wrong way.”

I think everyone in America would love to hear less news about the Jets.

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