Brandon Jacobs says his one year with the 49ers was a ‘curse’

Giants running back Brandon Jacobs told reporters today that his one year with the 49ers last season was a “curse.”

Jacobs also confirmed that the 49ers didn’t want to release him last season because they didn’t want to possibly face him down the road.

Jacob explained what happened when he asked to be released.

“I was told point blank that , ‘Do I look like a fool to release you to go play for somebody else and come back and play against us? Do I look like a fool?’ I felt good about it. I’m like, ‘OK, I see, you’re all scared of me.,'” per Ralph Vacchiano of the NY Daily News.



  1. Anonymous says

    Brandon Jacobs you are a has been!!! get over your high horse and get back to reality that you suck now and always will!

  2. Anonymous says

    baahahhaha… no one is scared of Brandon Jacobs he was only good enough to be a 4th string and he was mad about it and now its all tears. what actually happened was that he started posting on twitter 49er hate mail that he misses the giants and posting pictures of giants logo’s he ultimately got cut before the playoffs because the 49ers didn’t like it, he was to be cut a week after he posted the messages. he started crying by game 2 last year because he’s not #2 running back ( Hunter is MUCH better). LaMichael is too!.he is only upset at his own misfortune within the 49ers lineup in which his position was gores seat warmer. 6 rushes for like 2 yards he did last year, on a power running team!!!! EXACTLY… He’s twisting the coaching staffs words and is putting himself out to be a tuff guy. classless act Jacobs. if the giants weren’t in a tight spot you wouldn’t have a job in the nfl, don’t you think they would have picked you up when they found out when you were free(or any other team at that) ??? they only pick you up because they don’t have anyone that they can hire at that position that knows the offense. and we all know your not going there to run its to block for your qb. you’ll still be the 2nd string on a below average running game of the giants. as the 49ers players go. your not as tuff as any of them, you talk trash but cant back it up on the field. guarantee you take a pay cut

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