Brandon Jacobs hates Cowboys fans

According to Ralph Vacchiano of the New York Daily News,  Giants running back Brandon Jacobs doesn’t really hate the Dallas Cowboys,  it seems he just can’t stand their fans.

“Its their fans. Some of their fans are just loud and obnoxious and … just bad,” said Jacobs.

Jacobs was asked if Cowboys fans are worse then Eagles fans.

“Yeah, they are,” replied Jacobs.  I’m just talking about in every day life, Cowboys fans get on my nerves.” 

All fans are loud,  so I can’t really agree with Jacobs that Cowboys fans are the only ones that make a lot of noise.

But,  I do tend to agree with Jacobs’ point about Cowboys fans being obnoxious.  Some of them do seem to think they’re entitled to a lot more then the typical fan,  since their team has been labeled as “America’s Team” and they’ve been fortunate enough to win multiple Super Bowls.




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