Brandon Albert’s future likely won’t be in Kansas City

According to Jason La Canfora of CBS Sports, it looks like the ship has sailed on the Chiefs signing Brandon Albert to an extension.

We’re well into the point on this list where I become much less confident a deal will be struck. The Chiefs tried to ink Albert long-term before franchising him. They tried like heck to trade him before doing the inevitable and drafting a left tackle with the first-overall pick (Eric Fisher), then continued attempts to move Albert through draft weekend. Fisher could play right tackle for the short-term, but was drafted to play left, and Albert, a left tackle who could dabble on the right, wants to be paid like a left tackle, which is way more lucrative. Eventually, if Fisher is the player he’s expected to be, the Chiefs will have to tear up that rookie deal and give him a new contract. So it looks like the time to secure Albert’s services into the future may have passed.

Instead of letting Albert walk in free agency after this season, the Chiefs should just trade him now and get something for him.  The only thing is that Fisher may not be ready to play left tackle just yet and they could always place the tag on Albert again next offseason and deal him away.

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