Boomer Esiason says the Jets should cut Tim Tebow

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Former New York Jets quarterback Boomer Esiason said that it was a big mistake for the Jets to trade for Tim Tebow and that he would get rid of him.

“I’m just telling you right now, I would (cut him), and I’ll tell you why I would,” Esiason said alongside Boomer & Carton radio partner Craig Carton, per WFAN. “It’s not in any way, shape or form — I think — benefiting this team.”

Esiason doesn’t believe people will respect Tebow’s throwing ability when he runs the wildcat.

“All you have to do is watch him throw the ball,” said Esiason. “Just watch him.”

“I just think this whole thing — at least from my perspective right now in relation to who Mark Sanchez is, your starting quarterback — is a major mistake,” Esiason said.

Esiason says that Tebow played some horrible football last season as a quarterback.

“You can say whatever you want about Tim Tebow,” said Esiason. “He played some of the worst football that any quarterback has ever played in the history of the game last year at times.”

I’m still a believer that Tebow can be a viable NFL quarterback if a team is willing to take their time with him and develop him.

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