Blown call in Chiefs-Chargers game may have kept the Steelers from making the playoffs

Acording to Mike Florio of, a blown call in the Chiefs-Chargers game may have kept the Pitsburgh Steelers from making the playoffs.

  • Anonymous

    Refs can’t count to seven? With playoff implications on the line? Really?! Sad. Very sad.

    • C Collins

      Seems to me a lot of refs have been gambling heavy this year even with the so called reviews

  • Milliken Steeler

    May have? There were two blown calls. The field goal Miss call and and the fumble and td by the Chiefs defense when the Chargers tries that fake Kick,

    That was huge. Things happen but cmon. It was a great story. The Steelers starting 0-4 and were about to make the playoffs. All the other teams that only had to win….lost.

    Despite Reid resting 20 out of 22 starters the Chiefs were about to win and then…..the refs again change the outcome of a game. Yikes.

  • Anonymous

    2 refs standing right there… is so obvious with only 1 man on the left side

  • http://fox bob graff

    The fact is the Steelers were not prepared to start the season. Anyone can say what if, could have ,should have and if we would have only but the fact is we were not ready at the start of the season.My opinion is still the same Haley was a detriment to the offense it was only when Ben started running more no huddle and doing more of his own thing that things started clicking. Because at this time we were able to pressure our opponent and things loosen up everywhere. If he’s willing to sit by the wayside and play a minimum role then keep him around as a hood ornament. But if the Steelers rely on his keen coaching instincts we are doom.

  • monoxidechild

    Their was plenty terrible calls done by the refs that game, Which leads me to believe the NFL is more rigged than a boxing match in the don king era. That field goal should have been closer to begin with, the drive at the end had a pass interference that would have placed them around the 20 or closer but instead the called it illegal contact and didn’t put the ball at the spot of the foul which should have happened.

    Then there was the Fake punt that ended up being a fumble and td return that should have ended the game right then and there. There was no whistle blowing the play dead, the ball exchanged hands before anyone was even remotely down and ran back. Even if they did call the play dead when forward momentum was stopped they still didn’t pass the yardage needed to get a new set of downs and should have been KC’s ball.

    This video only points to yet another clearly blown calls by the refs, it is so bad and so obvious that I have no reason to believe it is incompetence but rather corruption in the NFL.

  • Anonymous

    we should not leave it to missed calls to make our season, we lost to the BEARS, DOLPHINS, RAIDERS and TITANS, need i say more! Lifelong steeler fan and we sucked this year. Some coaching of theese players needs to be handled better plus new blood next season. Go ant team that is not New England or 49r;s for the super bowl. Protect our SUPER BOWL RING title.

  • Anonymous

    The referees were betting on the chargers to win. its very very obvious. they are not satisfied with there pay so they cheat.

  • Anonymous

    My steelers are always getting cheated weekly for some strange reason. Is it because we have 6 super bowl rings? The refs must be betting against us every week. The steelers are by far the most cheated team in NFL. Teams had to run alot of trickery on us just to score points. The chargers should be at home and we all know it.

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