Blake Bortles took a shot at Johnny Manziel

UCF quarterback Blake. Bortles took a shot at Johnny Manziel and his party habits at the NFL Scouting Combine on Friday.

This is just silly. As if Bortles didn’t party at UCF. The difference between the two is that’s Manziel played on a larger stage while Bortles played in a smaller conference.

  • Keep it REal

    Uh are you for real? If Bortles partied half as much as Manziel we’d know about it fool. I like Johnny but he didn’t always make the best decisions (see UT frat party).

    • http://bleacherreport torrey

      He still got the job done. It’s college…what’s wrong with having fun?!

  • Anonymous

    Johnny wasn’t covered at all until he won the heisman. What makes you think bortles would be covered at lowly UCF

  • Anonymous

    Are you crazy? They were talking Johnny during his college recruiting process. They called him the new Tebow. If you didn’t know about him before the Heisman then you don’t follow college football closely. I live in Florida and I knew who he was. As far as embarrassment of the field, I don’t think the partying is the issue. It’s probably more of the things like selling his autographed memorabilia and his parents copywriting “Johnny Football”.