Blackout lifted in SD for Chargers-Seahawks preseason game

qualcomm stadium chargers

Looks like today isn’t all bad news for Chargers’ fans. The team announced that the blackout has been lifted on Thursday’s preseason game against the Seattle Seahawks.

The news comes a day after the team received a 24-hour extension to sell through 1,800 tickets. Whether those tickets were sold or a corporate sponsor bought them at a discounted price remains a mystery. A mystery I’m sure Chargers’ fans couldn’t care less about. All that matters is a meaningless preseason game will now be shown live on TV.

Here’s to hoping the Chargers can make it through the preseason without any injuries. They have lost three players to torn ACL’s in as many months.



  1. GoSeaHox says

    LOL. It’s probably due to Seahawks fans buying up tickets. They had to relocate the tailgating zone due to so many Hawks fans scheduled to attend

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