Bills unsure of Fred Jackson’s role

fred jackson

Bills head coach Doug Marrone admitted to that they’re not sure what Fred Jackson’s role will be this season.

“I think we’ve got two good running backs that have been established in this league and done well,” said Marrone. ”I think it would be too soon to say exactly what his role is. I think that’s why we have this training camp. You see them in a lot of different situations whether they’re both in the backfield together or one is in there and one is not, or whether we want to split them out. I think we have a lot of things that we can do with them. Now we’re just going to keep putting in the offense, keep putting in the volume. As we get down to the end and the squad is made we sit down with the players and define their roles for them.”

Even though Jackson is no longer the Bills featured back, Marrone shouldn’t have a problem finding a role for him.


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