Bills plan on splitting reps between Spiller and Jackson

Buffalo Bills head coach Chan Gailey plans on using both C.J. Spiller and Fred Jackson for this Sunday’s game against the Cardinals.

“We need to get (the run game production) back and if we don’t get that back we’ll struggle offensively,” Gailey said, per “We’ve got to have a balanced running game to complement our passing game. It’s going to be important to use both of them and get them both involved and be able to let them go play.”

“I don’t know how to solve that problem when you have two great players at the same position,” said Gailey. “If one of them all of a sudden gets a hot hand then it’s easy to figure out. Going into a game you have two great players and you want to play them as equal as possible and then you see how the game is going, that’s what you do.”

The Bills know that if they’re going to have a chance at beating the Cardinals they must have success at running the ball, they can’t leave the offense in Ryan Fitzpatrick’s hands.