Bills hire Bill Marrone as their next head coach

According to ESPN’s Adam Schefter, the Buffalo Bills have hired Bill Marrone as their next head coach.

Marrone has been has been Syracuse’s head football coach since 2009.  Before that he was the Saints’ offensive coordinator from 2006 to 2008.  His full resume is right here.


  1. thomas ferguson, Jr. says

    ARE YOU KIDDING ME ?? But of course not… The least experienced and CHEAPEST way to go…I should have known better. Heres to another dismal two or three years. You cheap M%#^@! F&%#ERS just REFUSE to get a quality guy that cost a little bit more ,,, FOR GODS SAKE – Hes frickin a 25-25 record @ Syracuse….WHAT DO YOU THINK HES GONNA DO IN BUFFALO???? I am F’n sick to my F’n stomach right now you cheap BASTARDS…. WE ARE SICK OF F’N LOSING….DON’T YOU UNDERSTAND THAT??????

  2. Anonymous says

    You don’t understand. Your lucky to have this coach. He is 25 -25 @ Syracuse. That’s amazing! It’s a basketball school just like Duke and Kentucky. Have ever seen those schools with a winning football season?
    Not lately. If you want cheap, i’m a Arizona fan and have to live with the Bidwell’s pocket book.

  3. Anonymous says

    I have been a Bills fan for 45 years. This head coach pick shows I will have a few more years of dismal expecations. It makes you think twice about spending Sundays in depression. Maybe working the honey doo list is a better options. Thanks Bills managment for nothing.
    Jim in LA

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