Bills head coach Doug Marrone has “blank type of cancer,” per Bills site

This is really odd story on the Buffalo Bills website.

Supposedly Bills head coach Doug Marrone announced today he has “BLANK TYPE OF CANCER.”

I really hope someone just hacked their site and this isn’t true.

Head Coach Doug Marrone shared the news today that he’s been diagnosed with BLANK cancer. He says it’s “not aggrive” and “highly treatable.”

Below is a snapshot of the odd article.

doug marrone

The reason this is so odd is that the article is so short and that he said he he “blank type of cancer.”

Update: The story has been taken down on the Bills site.  Either someone jumped the gun in writing it or they were hacked.

Update: Marrone has announced that he had a cancerous mole removed.

The good news is that it seems like Marrone will be fine.