Bills fan sues team for “excessive” text messages

According to Gene Warner of The Buffalo News, a Buffalo Bills fans that now lives in Florida has filed a class action law suit against the Bills for sending him too many text messages.

In order to stay in touch with his favorite team, earlier in the season Jerry Wojcik signed up for a Bills program that sends fans text messages.  Now that he signed up for the program, he doesn’t like all the text messages so he decided to sue.

In their legal papers, his attorneys claim that after he signed up for a Bills program that pledged to send him no more than five text alerts per week, he instead received six messages one week and seven a few weeks later.

That’s a total of three extra texts, over several weeks.

“I’m just appalled,” a Bills fan with personal knowledge of the case said, before turning sarcastic, per the Buffalo News. “Obviously, he was grievously harmed and is deserving of a pile of season-ticket money.”

This is such a joke and will hopefully immediately get thrown out of court.  If he doesn’t like the program, I’m sure he could easily unsubscribe.