Bills could end up tagging Jairus Byrd in an effort to trade him

jairus byrdJoe Buscaglia of WGR 550 in Buffalo believes the Bills could end up slapping the franchise tag on safety Jairus Byrd and then attempt to trade him if they not able to work out a new long-term deal.

Many people are asking what the gut instinct is when it comes to what will happen with Byrd. The honest answer is this: no one knows until the two sides meet in Indianapolis. Once they do, there will be a better gauge on the situation as the Bills will find out if their value of the player is anywhere close to what Parker and Byrd think of their worth. He did just get home from the annual ‘pump up your tires’ festival that is the Pro Bowl, so it really all depends on his and his agent’s approach. Consider this as well: Byrd may also be weighing the fact that there has been turnover on the defensive coaching staff almost every single year he has been a professional player. That, combined with playing through a 28-52 record and it may weigh into the player’s line of thinking. Byrd genuinely wants to play for a winning team, so what he may think of the team’s prospects could also play a part. If all goes poorly this week, expect the Bills to tag Byrd with the likely mindset of trying to move him. They just can’t let him go for nothing. If he does sign a long-term deal in Buffalo, the pairing of Byrd and Aaron Williams likely won’t see a third year in 2015. Commanding a salary north of $5 million per year when his negotiations come up, if Byrd signs long-term, Williams will probably be playing his last year in Buffalo in 2014 barring any unforseen circumstances.

After all that Byrd put the Bills through last year,  Buffalo I wouldn’t be shocked if they tried to tag and trade him.

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