Bills could sign and trade Jairus Byrd?

jairus byrd

Chris Brown of believes it’s not out of the question to sign and then trade safety Jarisu Byrd who was hit with the franchise tag this offseason.

 I don’t think we can rule out the potential of a sign and trade, but it should be noted that such an option does not exist as long as he has not signed his franchise tender. The Bills have traded a franchise-designated player before. They did it with Peerless Price when they shipped him to Atlanta in exchange for a first-round draft choice back in 2003.

I believe the Bills would prefer to keep Jairus Byrd on the roster long term. Keep in mind there are other options for both sides (e.g. sign one-year tender, wait until end of season to negotiate long term contract, etc.).

I don’t want to get too far into the hypotheticals, but in reference to your ‘what would they trade for’ scenario, a proven starting guard couldn’t hurt.

With training camp opening up in about three weeks, Byrd is expected to hold up until he gets a new contract.  Both sides have until July 15th to work something out and it seems like they’re not close to getting anything done.    If a new deal can’t get done by then, the Bills won’t be able to sign Byrd until after the season.