Bills complaining about their 2013 schedule

The Buffalo Bills are so upset with their 2013 schedule that they decided to complain about it on

Assembling an NFL schedule with 32 teams, bye weeks and at least one prime time appearance for every club is no easy task. The painstaking work in crafting a schedule that works has been well documented. However, since the league instituted the 13-week Thursday night prime time schedule in 2012 there are a handful of teams that have been handed a big disadvantage in terms of preparation time for their next opponent.


Almost every NFL club now appears on the Thursday night schedule in a given season. Those that don’t are on Sunday or Monday night. Coupled with those alternative game dates appears to be a perception that the shortened weeks on the front end for Thursday night participants or the extra rest for players and prep time for coaching staffs for the game that follows will even out. That has not proven to be the case.

One of the teams that have been at a decided scheduling disadvantage has been the Buffalo Bills.


Last year Buffalo had four games in a five-week span in which their opponent had extra rest and prep time via a bye week or having played a Thursday night game the week prior. In that span the Bills also had their own bye week, but the benefits were nullified by the fact that their opponent (Houston) also had a bye the same week.


Buffalo went 1-3 in those games in 2012.


This year’s schedule is unfortunately playing out in much the same fashion. In this year’s 2013 NFL slate Buffalo faces five opponents that will come off of extra rest leading up to the week that they face the Bills.

I really hate to break it to you, but the reason the Bills went 1-3 is because Chan gailey was their head coach Ryan Fitzpatrick was their quarterback.  When you find a great head coach and franchise quarterback, you won’t have those problems.  Hopefully Doug Marrone and E.J. Manuel are the answered prayers the Bills need.

I find it funny that the teams that lose year in and year out and haven’t made the playoffs for a long time always seem to blame their schedule.  Sorry, but it’s not that simple.




  1. Anonymous says

    Won’t be so simple as your article. I found the full report on to include the fact that most other teams will only have one or zero games scheduled against teams coming off a bye, and that this is the second year in a row the Bills have had this noticeable disadvantage handed to them. When a third of your season is against super-rested teams, it takes more out of your players and even coaching brilliance cannot totally surmount that edge.

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