Bill Romanowski rips Randy Moss (Video)

After last night’s Super Bowl loss to the Ravens, former NFL linebacker Bill Romanowski ripped 49ers wide receiver Randy Moss for not playing playing hard enough.

“Randy Moss alligator armed it, he didn’t go up for the ball!” Romanowski said while gradually raising his voice, via, per Larry Brown Sports. “He said he was the best receiver in the DAMN world — ok, you hear me? OH GOD! That’s what pisses me off! You’re playing in the SUPER BOWL, guys!”

This is just another example of why Moss is not the greatest wide receiver ever.  He takes plays off and never gives 100 percent effort all the time.  He’ll now once again go home without a Super Bowl ring.




  1. Jay Kolodne says

    Even Kaepernick himself has taken the blame for the pass being bad and saying Randy couldnt catch it. If you need any more proof of all the lies and myths about Randy Moss and how they’re all lies i suggest you watch this series of videos (here’s the first one).

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