Bill Romanowski, Lorenzo Neal feel like the Raiders should sign Tim Tebow (Video)

Former NFL players Bill Romanowski and Lorezno Neal believe the Oakland Raiders need to sign Tim Tebow after Sunday’s loss to the Giants.

There’s not doubt that Terrelle Pryor is struggling, but I wouldn’t give up on him just yet. ¬†Seems like Romanowski may have taken too many hits to the head.

[ Raiders Tribune ]


  1. says

    It is not such a stretch for Mark davis and Reggie to bring Tim Tebow in. I am one of those guys that truly believe that given the opportunity, Tim Tebow would do well with the Raiders. No one can argue he is a winner….always has been and always will be at what ever he does. His “will to win” is intense. He was given an opportunity in Denver and was successful, Jets and New England only attempted to humiliate him. Obviously Tim would be motivated to incredible heights if he could wear the Silver and Black. In fact I would personally contribute funds to sign him. Both Tyrelle and Tim would compliment each other, Give it a shot. When Tebow was with Denver I was convinced as a Raider fan that he would “Haunt” me in Denver for a decade or more. I was and styill am happy he is not there, thus an opportunity that only come along rarely. Again he is a leader and a winner, Believe it !!

  2. bob the bong blaster says

    he isn’t an NFL quality QB. I don’t know why that is such a hard fact for some of you to swallow. He will NEVER EVER EVER play QB in the NFL. Maybe a TE or a FB that’s it

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