Bill Parcells would take Tony Romo as his quarterback for the modern NFL

tony romo

Former NFL head coach and Hall of Fame inductee Bill Parcells was asked which quarterback that he coached during his career that he would want to have forever.

“Well, what do you want them for?” said Parcells, who coached Romo early on in his career with the Cowboys. “If you want them for fighting it out, just fight it out to death — Phil Simms. You want them for, OK, just passing the ball, you want to make this 100 percent passing, picturesque and classic, then I have to have Vinny Testaverde. Now if you want to play the modern game and you got to be elusive and get away from then, you give me Tony Romo.”

There’s no doubt that Parcells believed in Romo when he signed him as an undrafted free agent back in 2003.



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