Bill Parcells says Patriots’ fans are spoiled

Former NFL head coach Bill Parcells had dinner with Patriots head coach Bill Belichick down in New Orleans this week and shared that Belichick is of course disappointed by how their season ended.

“He’s obviously disappointed in this year, but not despondent,” said Parcells, per the Boston Globe. “He’s determined, like he always is. They have a good team. They’re going to be good for a while longer, I can tell you that.’’

Parcells doesn’t agree with the notion that the Patriots have become too much of a finesse team.  He says New England fans are spoiled.

“No!’’ said Parcells. “Who says that? They ran the ball good this year. I don’t know what happened in the playoffs, but here’s what I say to you guys in New England: You guys are spoiled. Really, you are. You’ve got to remember how the other half lives. You forgot. I was there for it, so I know. Just remember, you could be like some of these other franchises that you see. You got a couple of ’em in your division.’’

I agree with Parcells.  Even if the Patriots haven’t won a Super Bowl in eight years, they’ve still appeared in five Super Bowls in the past 12 years.  That’s truly amazing.  Some teams around the NFL would love to appear in just one Super Bowl in 13 years.



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