Bill O’Brian had a positive conversation with Andre Johnson

andre johnsonTexans head coach Bill O’Brian spoke with the media and told them that he had the chance to sit down and talk to disgruntled wide receiver Andre Johnson.

“I’m not going to comment on what Andre said,” said O’Brien, via the Houston Chronicle.. “I’ll let Andre speak for himself.”

O’Brian didn’t say whether Johnson will actually show up for OTA’s or training camp.  Johsnon just said this past week that he won’t be showing up.

Sounds like O’Brian’s talk with Johnson went well though.

“The conversations that Andre and I have had have been very positive about what we’re doing here as a team. Obviously, offensively, what we’re doing here,” O’Brien said. “We’ve had good communications. But as far as what Andre said, I’ll let him speak for himself.”