Bill Cowher: Redskins are “somewhat dysfunctional”

Former NFL head coach and CBS Sports NFL analyst Bill Cowher gave a very honest assessment of the Redskins during Sunday’s pregame show.

“I think you look at this organization, and to me, it’s somewhat dysfunctional,” Cowher said on “The NFL Today” via the Washington Post.  “There’s got to be, in my mind, separation between management, between coaching, between owners and management and players. And one thing I’ll say is: RGIII, for whatever reason, I think has failed to accept the responsibility that he’s not played very well. He has some maturing to do, a little bit like Cam Newton a year ago. I think he has some maturing to do, but I think you should play him. I disagree with Mike from that standpoint. And I think from that standpoint, the message you’re sending I think is not a very good one.

“But I think when you look at the bottom line, it starts at the top,” Cowher continued. “This is an owner that’s had six head coaches in 13 years. There is a problem, in my opinion, down there somehow in how that building functions. Instead of walking out of the room and saying we’re in it together, it seems like they walk out of a room and everyone heads their own separate ways. So I think it starts at the top, in my opinion. …

“He needs to be out there playing,” Cowher later said, returning to RGIII. “Cam Newton wasn’t playing well last year, and they were out of the playoffs as well. And if he’s going to develop as a player, he needs to be on the field playing, and not sitting there saving him for next year.”

I think Cowher hit it right on the head.  The problem is Dan Snyder isn’t going anywhere.