Bill collectors attempt to collect on Vince Young’s lockout loan at training camp


According to the Associated Press via Black Sports Online, the bill collectors that have been trying to collect the lockout loan that Buffalo Bills quarterback Vince Young took out last season attempted to serve him lawsuit papers at training camp.

Here’s the story from the AP:

In papers filed in New York State Supreme Court in Manhattan on Monday, Young said he never dealt with the loan company, Pro Player Funding. He added, he has no recollection of agreeing to or signing documents to take out a $1.877 million loan in May 2011.

And Young said in an affidavit that he is unaware of who took out the loan in his name and that, to his knowledge, he never received any money from the loan.

In filing the motion, the quarterback’s attorneys are asking the court to stop Pro Player from attempting to collect money and also bar the company from approaching the quarterback during training camp.

Young said a person tried to approach him at training camp in suburban Rochester earlier this month in an attempt to serve him papers to appear for a deposition regarding the loan. The person, Young said, was turned away by security officials.

The papers, the quarterback said, were eventually left with Bills officials and forwarded to Young.

Young’s motion comes in response to Pro Player’s claims that the quarterback defaulted on the loan by missing a payment in May shortly after signing a one-year contract potentially worth $3 million with Buffalo.

The company filed a motion in the same court on June 6 claiming it was legally obligated to begin collecting $1.695 million it’s owed by Young

Among the documents Pro Player filed was what’s called an affidavit of confession of judgment that included papers signed by Young as proof the player was aware of the terms and conditions of the loan. The short-term loan was to be repaid by January 2013 at an annual interest rate of 20 percent. That rate jumped another 10 percent if Young missed a payment.

It seems like Young always finds himself in a big mess.  He must have some of the worst financial advisors ever.

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