Bill Callahan excited to call plays for the first time in 10 years

Cowboys offensive coordinator Bill Callahan is excited to be calling plays for the first time in 10 years.

“Excited would be the word, would be the adjective, that I would use,” Callahan said, via “I’m really excited. Anxious now. I wish we could continue working like we’ve been here, because the situation coach [Jason Garrett] has put us in has been tremendous.”

Callahan says they’ve gotten comfortable with him calling plays during the spring.

“We’ve had a lot of play-it-out scenarios, we’ve had two-minute, we’ve had four-minute, we’ve had red zone play-it-out, we have team blitz play-it-out,” Callahan said, “so we’ve been in every possible scenario you could be in situationally, and we’ve called the game live on the field. That communication process has really gotten more comfortable for me, Wade and the quarterback.”

Callahan should be excited because this might be the last time he’ll ever call plays again.  There’s a reason he hasn’t done so in 10 years.  He’s not very good.