Bill Belichick’s contract won’t be running out after this season

bill belichick

According to Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network,  Bill Belichick’s contract with the Patriots was scheduled to run out after this season, but that is no longer the case.

The Patriots are doing the right thing.  There’s no reason to get rid of him.



  1. says

    NO REASON to get rid of him, eh?? I can give you four reasons.
    #1: wes
    #2: welker
    #3: tim
    #4: tebow

    Watch Tom Brady’s numbers fall down down down with no Gronk., no Aaron Hernandez, no wes welker, no danny amenola (often injured),
    no fullback? no ‘i’ back, no ‘u’ back. I don’t see the Patriots practicing the hurry up, spread offense, read-option, chuck N duck, ground n pound.
    Nope, it’s just vanilla. ONE g.d. touchdown yesterday (TH) and how many of those crappy rookies dropped balls ??
    Read em n weep
    Reapin & sowin

    Let’s face it TEAMS win ballgames. W / O wide outs/ tight ends / etc.
    who’s Brady going to throw to?
    And maybe he can run the ball the way Tebow does.
    P.S. the ‘rookie’ QB of the jets good ol’ wahats’s his name
    “RUSHED” for what 17 yards yesterday.
    whew, what a run and shoot kinda qb that is.

    Get Tebow back.
    Get anMRI on his left shoulder
    Get Tebow’s rotator cuff fixed.
    Put him in the game where Hernandez used to play: fullback, tight end, wide out.

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